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Book #1

Rainbows Shadow and the tablets of fate is an adventure/fantasy tale about two novels, Rainbow Alley and The Sorcerers Shadow which have been mysteriously melded together creating an alternative dimension that has begun to write itself.

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Book #2

Rainbow's SHADOW and the Covenant of Wisdom Rainbow's Shadow and the Covenant of Wisdom picks up where Rainbow's Shadow and the Tablets of Fate leaves off. Will, Jimmy and Bryan are back to their normal lives until Will is rushed to the hospital with a bizarre case of vertigo. With his head spinning like a top and dreams of his grandfather back in full force, Will is convinced he is being called back to Rainbow Alley for something big.

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Book #3

We conclude the Rainbow's Shadow trilogy with a journey into the Other Side of Paradise. Faced with the ultimate decision, Will has to choose between true paradise or chasing a madman into the other side.

The decision is easy. His brothers' soul and the ability to eliminate evil is motivation enough to forego experiencing paradise. Only one destination is at hand. He has to enter the belly of the beast and he knows it.

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